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At FRESKO FARMS PVT LTD, we believe in honest, good food. We look forward to serving you with the same honesty.

We’ve put together a small FAQ about our milk products that you would find informative.

Where does the milk come from?

We’ve a network of 1000+ farmers and growing and we source milk directly from them. We don’t keep middle man to ensure milk is not adulterated in the process and farmer gets the payment directly from us for their quality milk.

What makes this milk so good?

We’ve installed advance milk testing equipment’s at our all milk collection centers where milk quality is tested in front of farmers. Only unadulterated is bought. We also ensure cold chain is maintained through out the sourcing process to preserve the quality of milk. We and our family drinks the milk first before we sell to you.

Is this milk pasteurized?

Yes, our all dairy products made from pasteurized milk. We first bring the milk at our processing plant and their milk is chilled and pasteurized before we make any products from it.

How are milk pouch different than other?

We use multi- layer milk pouch which preserve the quality of milk for longer period.

How our paneer different than others?

Our paneer is completely free from adulterants and made from 100% natural ingredients. We go an extra milk to ensure the quality of our paneer preserved for longer period by using global standard packaging materials from Multivac which Germany based company. Test it once and you will know the difference.

How our curd is better than others?

Like, other products our curd is made from all-natural ingredients and no preservative is used in it’s making. We use best quality packaging material to preserve the quality of our curd.

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